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Posted by Mike C on April 24, 19100 at 17:30:24:

Posted by Mike C on April 24, 19100 at 14:30:45:

well Yes alex you are right and Michael Alexander you got a point but hayflick limit is in the telemores of the genes not the whole body has the limit but most of it does ,...for example a cancer has no telemores shortening so there it is immortal till Michael Alexander you are wrong on that ...tounge has no limit there but many importand orgasms do...and Alex Chiu I AM NOT A DOCTOR i am NOT A BIOLOGIST i go to High school i am a 14 year old Freshman ...and i am thinking that the flux that runs threw the body course dences the cells and the cells kill the fat or what ever threw P53 then then thats how it fixes you up but then you look like your physically 20 or 30 you also feel like it then the telemore just rebuild those last strands then stay there ...why they stay there is because then the cell dosent need to reproduce any more when it is so healthy it dosent wither and die like supposed to.....Alex i belive in my throeys i have created over the past and i belive in this throey so i wanna thank you ...i belive in your product ...
Sorry for the inconvenience,
Mike C

Answer: Mike, it's good that you are open to new ideas and new concepts. However, a person's idea is just that: idea! Nothing more and nothing less until it is tested and tried.

Notice that I didn't say PROVEN! You see, no idea can ever be proven for sure because there can and will be unknown. Until we know EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING - which depends on your perspective is rather difficult or down right impossible - we can't say anything is PROVEN. So, it remains an idea with interesting testimonials and test results.

Got a suggestion for you Mike C. Take time to learn as much as you can from school and test their ideas with unbiased pre-notion.

Being a true scientific person requires to be absolutely objective about EVERY idea and theories - especially your OWN!

You see, I won't be able to tell you how things work for sure because we just don't KNOW. There's nothing wrong in admiting that we don't know everything.

Only thing we need to really worry about is whether something does what it supposed to or not. Sometimes we really miss the forrest for a tree and it's a real shame.

Think about it. If we paid more attention to what makes our lives meaningful and special - such as love, careing and sharing, quality of moment, rather than posession and control - we might open our mindes up to more important matters.

Thank you for participating in our mind's exercise with us and good luck in your search for the truth.

Be ware of your worst enemy for he wears the same face you do.

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