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Do the magnetic devices harmonize the bio-electric field in conjunction with enhancing it?Your product seems very similar to Edgar Cayces Radiaac.Its no surprise that pioneers like your self are producing wonders in this day and age.Humanity as well as planet earth are going through a metamorphisis.Our vibrational fux is increasing to accomadate a new cosmology.Our bodies are slowly but surely merging with our light bodies (higher self,christ conscious,spirit).Our double helix DNA strain is converting to a higher gematria.Quality products like the one you offer will help make this change a smooth one.Thanx Alex and God bless.If you would like to talk
call me at (Phone number deleted for privacy)
Peace and love,

Answer: You are welcome and I appreciate your kind words. As far as the actual workings of my invention in terms of bio-electric field, I believe that the magnetic flux created by the rings and footbraces most definitely enhance the human bio-electric field.

One must remember that electric field and magnetic FLUX (NOT the magnetic field) propagate according to Maxwell's law in 90 degree pattern. Basically, one cannot have one without the other.

Another thing one must remember is that every neuron charges that creates the essence of life such as thinking of our brain cells and pulsation of our heart muscle is ALL caused by electric impulses which are modulated with very intricate bio-chemistry.

Simply put, if there's NO electric signals in human body, he is dead.

I believe that all this physiological change will most definitely help the users of our devices to attain more peaceful and harmonious inner-self. We have so many different testimonials stating that not only do they feel more energetic but SMARTER and CALMER in their mentality as well.

As far as the actual minute working details of all this, who knows? We have just begun to scratch the surface so it will be a while until we learn HOW these works. I'm just glad that it DOES work.

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