Prostate Cancer and The Rings and Footbraces


Posted by Barbary H. Malachite on April 27, 19100 at 10:18:08:

Posted by Barbary H. Malachite on April 26, 19100 at 16:53:28:

Can I be helped, of you to tell me what is effects of prosate cancer on the ring. Can a analypshzixs shocks Do They happen with THE IMMORTATY devices. will I need to have the know, veyr soon!! I love you forever innto Next great harmony?

Answer: Immortality Rings and Footbraces ARE NOT meant to be used as a medical device! Ever! We cannot legally claim ANY medical benefits of these devices. So I can't say anything about the medical effects of our rings and footbraces here or in person.

However, our products are HEALTH device that promotes better over-all well being (Please read carefully on the effects and the theory behind these devices and my invention) so wearing the rings definitely will help you in every area of your being.

If you are suffering from Prostate cancer, please e-mail me personally, I can refer you to other sources that might interest your further research. Of course these are my personal suggestions and should NEVER be construeded as ANY type of medical advice, OK?

My personal e-mail is : You can write your topic "Prostate Cancer Research" on your e-mail. Good luck.

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