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Dear Alex,

Hello, my name is John and I am 16.
When I first saw your page I was a bit skeptical (probably like most) but as I read on I started believing more, mainly because I have heard of people curing ailments with magnets.
I am an affiliate and I earned a pair of your rings through the web program and I must say they are doing something because I feel a boost of energy through my arms and legs every day that I wake up.

My question is, how do you know that they make you live forever? What if they increase your lifespan, but do not succeed in immortality? I suppose only time will tell.

Also I know this doesn't include the topic of your rings, but it seems like you are a man of philosophy, and I was wondering if you have had lucid dreams. The phenomenon of being aware of your dreams while having them.

Answer: First of all, thank you very much for letting us share this great news with your fellow surfers. Please keep up the good work and earn Neodymium rings as well as footbraces with more clicks. I'm sure you will love them thousand times.

As far as your question is concerend, in the most stricted sense of the word Immortality, you can't know whether you have it or not until you live through it. Let me explain what I mean here.

The word Immortality is being used in many different senses both in our website as well as in people's everyday usage. Let me explain the different 'shades' or 'degrees' of the word Immortality to clarify the issue a bit here.

First, in order for anyone to be truly immortal in the most strictest sense of the word, it's not enough to stay young and beautiful forever, they must NOT be able to die. This is different than saying that they will not die - although the second condition is also categorized as Immortal!

Here's what I mean. My invention works on the cellular level of human body to make aging obsolete. This means it is possible to stay as young and beautiful as long as you wish. If you can tell that you are getting more energy and your cellular degradation is slowing down and ultimately reversing, you know that you are actually NOT aging. For this condition, I use the word Immortality.

However, just because you remain young and healthy, does that mean you will live forever? Well, that depends. . . Think about it.

What happens when you get a small piece of metal between your eyes at very rapid speed - we call it a bullet? Would your young and healthy body be able to live? I don't think so.

What happens you get run over by a Mack truck doing 55 mph? Would your young and healthy body live through that shock? Probably not.

So, the question to ask first is this. Are you talking about Immortality in the sense of NOT aging or NOT getting killed? Many times in life these are the same question but when you become really strict about it, they are different questions altogether.

So, here's what I'm saying. I hope this clarifies questions in many peoples' mind, for I do not want to repeat myself senselessly.

I believe that my invention will slow down and reverse the aging process so that you can remain young and healthy as long as you live. This also means that if you don't get shot by a gun man or hit by a lightning, your chance of living indefinitely - thus become immortal - is highly probable.

However, I never said that you will live through bullet wounds in your brain and getting creamated by a Mack truck just because you use my rings and footbraces. For me to make that kind of claim would be truly insane and totally misleading.

So, here's what I'm saying John. If your definition of the word Immortality means being healthy and young as long as you live (and this life span can be indefinitely long, yes even thousands of years!) then that's what I'm saying these products would give you.

However, if your definition of the word Immortality means like having a god like super strength that allows you to dodge bullets and lightnings, sorry. You will be very disappointed.

Bottom line is this. No matter what your 'degree' or 'shade' of the definition of Immortality is; you cannot know you have it until you live through it.

Only thing I can tell you which you can test for yourself is this.

Aging takes place moment by every moment. You don't get old - correction, your body doesn't get old - over night all of sudden. It gets old by cell by each individual cell, second by second EVERYDAY!

So, if you can wear the rings and footbraces for long enough - say a couple months - and see the before and after conditions, and stop wearing the rings and footbraces for another couple of months, you can see for yourself.

I believe that within next 3-5 years EVERYBODY and I mean EVERYBODY in the whole world will know about the postive effects of critically positioned magnetic polarity flux on human body - my invention and applied products.

Why? Simple. Those who've been using the products for that 3 to 5 years will look and feel 6 to 10 years younger and healthier than those who were not. Like I've always said, the proof is in the pudding.

Soon, you will be able to see for yourself one way or another, and that's the best answer I can give you now. Thanks.

About the dream, yes, sometimes I know I'm dreaming and I can even dictate the outcome of the dream while I'm dreaming. It's pretty cool. I know that continual wearing of the rings and footbraces causes many people to have higher level of mental clarity and thinking - check out the testimonials.

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