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Posted by Jane on April 27, 19100 at 16:18:56:

Posted by Jane on April 27, 19100 at 13:21:21:

Dear Alex,
With regards to my message posted on April 05, Its my pleasure to keep you update of my progress. The previous message I commented was, I don't see or feel (physically) any improvement. Maybe Iím being too excited and impatient, expecting like ďAbracadabraĒ I would look younger my wrinkles would be gone the next morning. Like everybody they canít wait to see them self-looking younger.

Although my fine lines are still there, I would like you to know recently I realized I looked prettier. Something about my face when I look myself in the mirror I do look prettier. I canít tell what and why makes me look better, as far as Iím concern, my wrinkles are still there, I do not find my face glow or firmer either, but I do look prettier. So I thought wellÖ.., maybe my mind is playing trick on me. Until Three days ago, I visited my friend whom we have not met for about 4 months, commented that I look different. She too couldnít tell what and why I look different but just simply better looking me. Even my boyfriend commented recently that I look prettier and that my eye bags have improved. Well, what can I say Alex, but a big THANK YOU. Canít wait to see the younger me with wrinkles free and smoother skin.

Alex, I have keloid scar on my left arm. Can your ring help to heal the scar and stop the growth? What about cellulite? Can your device get rid of cellulite or would it only help to reduce the appearance? Lastly, when can I expect to buy your better and more powerful device, which you are inventing now?


Answer: You are very welcome and I thank you for keeping me and the rest of the board readers up to date with your new discoveries. Feeling prettier or hearing complements about your NEW look is a very good sign. Let me explain why.

People's beauty is very much connected with how their body feels in terms of energy level. For example, when you are tired, you look older and more uglier than you really are. Opposite is also true. When you feel energized and feel postive, you will look better too.

The fact that both your friends and your boy friend can't really put their 'finger' on your change is a clue to this change. You are on your way to look more healthier and younger every day.

One thing I must stress to not only you but EVERYBODY is this. Since aging takes place everyday, little by little, reverse aging or anti-aging MUST take the exact same path. Slow daily improvement.

Our products will not get rid of scars in matter of weeks or get rid of wrinkles in a few months. But given enough time, you will begin to look younger and younger, especially when you compare your looks with your contemporaries!

I tell you what Jane. In about 6 months, when you see your same friends again, you will notice that THEY look older than before. Where as you might be the same or even YOUNGER than before! They will tell you that right in your face!

I get this happen to me quite often too. Since you are only 33, it will take longer (Because your aging curve is still flat compared to 60 year old person) to see visible change. I say you need to give yourself more time.

Trust me on this. All those unexpected and unexplainable complements from people is just the beginning. You will feel and look super each and every day.

Trying to measure this change is like trying to watch the grass grow! Don't even try it daily. My recommendation is about quarterly or semi-annually at the best.

Of course it's different fore every body so I can't give a generalized recommendation. For example if you have a severe case of aging, it may only take few weeks to see visible change! However, in general, sudden change means that your body was that much in terrible shape to begin with.

So take heart in fact that it's happening more gradual for you. It simply means that you are not as old as some other people who have used our products.

Our latest project will be ready for testing purpose in later part of this year. It will take some more time to actually go into production. We must take greater care with this new device because it uses AC electricity instead of just static magnetic flux like our rings and footbraces.

I also have some interesting research information regarding cellulite you might be interested. Because I can't share this information on public domain, why don't you e-mail me your address to Christian Kim at cjbsnow@aol.com He will tell you more about other avenues to hasten the process of getting rid of wrinkles.

Personally I think you are being a bit impatient. At 33, how much wrinkle could you possibly have? I bet you are a beautiful lady who just don't see it. Take care.

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