Skin Care and Hair Loss Problems


Posted by Christian Kim on April 27, 19100 at 16:46:54:

Hello everybody

My name is Christian Kim and I'm the president of Incorporated. Yes, the same company Mr. Alex Chiu's been running for last 3 years from this site. As his partner I'm very proud of what he has done single handidly.

Mr. Chiu asked me to post a message on this board to tell everyone about the Skin care and Hair loss problems. I checked some of questions from the posters and it was obvious that some of you are very acutely aware of this problem while others could care less.

Our company does a whole lot more than just market Mr. Chiu's amazing invention, although I sincerely believe that his invention deserves a Nobel Prize for helping humanity to get rid of unwanted cellular decay from aging. And I have no doubt that given enough time - say about 10 to 15 years - he will indeed get the recognition and praise he deserves.

If any of you are interested in hearing more about what else we do specifically about the Skin care and Hair Loss problems, please send your inquiry to me directly. I can be reached through this board as well as at our e-mail address

If you are suffering from Skin problems and/or hair loss problems that are NOT caused by aging alone, I believe we can provide you with very effective treatments and/or remedies information that can help you.

Once again, I appreciate your participation on this board, and I'm sure Mr. Chiu agrees with me on this: we thank you for your input.

Please help us to help more people by spreading the word to everyone around you. Mr. Chiu's discovery will spread to the world. But if we don't do our parts, many people will suffer needlessly. You can help those around you to see the truth. Give them a chance to make the choice for themselves, instead of the ravage of time making choices for them.

Thank you

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