Can I Use Two Magnets Stacked Up? Too Powerful?


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I have some neodymium magnets but they are 1/8 inch thick. Can I stack 2 on top of each other and use them for the rings? Also, what do you mean neodymium foot braces would be too powerful - too powerful that they could harm your body? And did you try using electromagnets?


Answer: I think you can, but please don't quote me on this for I haven't done testing using two magnets stacked! You should test them seperately and see for yourself, OK?

Try with just one magnets per side for a week and then try with two magnets per side (total of 4 magnets per each ring) and see if you feel any different.

As far as the neodymium footbraces being too powerful for some people, I mean that they might pump too much blood and give a person too much ENERGY! It can make people hyperactive! Since every person's physiology is different, one should alwasy test each products carefully how they work for them.

Sometimes, all a person needs may be just our regular rings. Again, it all depends on the person's body and his condition. Moral of the story is this, stronger magnets do not necessarily better products make.

No, we haven't tested with electromagnets yet.

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