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Posted by Don on May 01, 19100 at 21:26:31:

Two more questions; one you forgot to answer, and one I forgot to ask.

First, I still would like to know just where the foot magnets should be placed, in relation to the toes. At the base of the toes, as with the little fingers, or anywhere in particular over the toes?

Second, Could you provide details on the coil that was mentioned for use on or near the head?


Answer: Sorry about that. The footbraces magnets can be positioned pretty much any where over the toes (and under the toes, of course) to be effective.

Since the toes are usually shorter than fingers and the magnetic flux is a lot stronger, as long as all 5 toes are covered, they should work fine.

As for the coil is concerned, I am not at liberty to discuss about it, just yet. Sorry. I will be able to talk more about it in detail soon though.

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