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Posted by Dr. Ralph Wyles on May 03, 19100 at 08:20:57:

Posted by Ralph Wyles on May 02, 19100 at 21:18:38:

Hello Mr. Chiu. Let me first start off by telling you that I am a admire your work... to the nTH degree. Now then, let me move on to my questions.

Is it possible to actually revert back to a younger version of yourself? I have seen that you boast that the rings help to stop the aging process... and in some cases reverse it. Now, even if the reversal part is not true the fact that you can stop a person from getting older is a grand feat.

This brings up a few more questions. First, is your device able to stop/reverse time for short spurts or does it trick the body into NOT growing older? The answer to this question is very important to me as I have been working with cloning for many years and feel that your rings could be the key that I've been looking for.

Is it possible to use your rings on a cloned organism... say, HUMAN?!?! If so, and assuming that the actual "ferma" of time is the key to your devices, wouldn't the use of the devices on a cloned human bring them nearer to death than if they were left along? (again, this all depends on the manner in which the rings work).

Thank you for your time. I look forward to reading your response.

Dr. Ralph Wyles

Answer: Thank you. Based on my personal experience as well as countless testimonials, I believe that my invention stops aging and reverse it. I have my theory behind How the magnetic flux is related to the Chi on my site so I won't rehash the same explanation.

However, to your question regarding cloned human, I must say I don't know. Because I simply do not have any experienced on cloned person.

I guess it would be great if you can do experiments to find out.

If you want my opinion, which is not backed by experiments of course, I think cloned body should follow the same pattern of response to my invention as the orginal body.

My reasoning is this: If the cloned body has the same DNA structure as the orginial "host", than it must also have same Chi flow mechanism which repairs and regenerate damaged cells. Since my invention accelerates this mechanism and natural repair and regeneration, the cloned person should also be able to enjoy the same benefit.

Again, this is just my opinion. I wish you good luck with your work and if you don't mind, please keep all of us posted with results. Thank you.

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