How Young Can I Become Using Rings?


Posted by Tony Zonie on May 03, 19100 at 08:29:16:

Posted by Tony Zonie on May 02, 19100 at 21:31:03:

I am an actor and have been having a tough time finding work lately. This ain't because I'm ugly or old (I'm 27). See, it seems that the only jobs out there right now are going to younger, smarter actors.

The question I wanna ask is "is it possible grow younger... say like 13, 14 or 15 by using your rings?" That way I would be able to going back to school and learn some mores.

My parents thawt it was a good Idea when I told them. They are gonna put me up if I can do it.

Can your rings make me REALLY make me younger? I've tried other things but they doen't work. I wants to be smarter and that way I could do better as an actor when I grow up (again).


Answer: Sorry Tony, the rings and footbraces will not make you go back to 13, 14 or even 15 year old. You will go back to your most matured state. For most people, this is around 19 - 21 years old. Of course some people mature (I'm talking about physical maturity, NOT mental maturity here) at different age. They "peak" at different age.

So, for some people they might go back to 25 yrs old for example. Whatever that person's peak physical condition as dictated by his DNA code will be the ultimate age that these rings and footbraces will take you.

As for getting smarter is concerend, many people testify that wearing these devices make them sharper and better focused mentally. This makes sense because the brain needs oxygen and other nutrients to think at optimum level, and my invention does just that: pumping more blood into every parts of your body.

I suggest that you start wearing the rings and see for yourself, but do not expect that you will go back to 13 - 15. One exception that I can think of is this. If by a chance that your particular physiology was such that you peaked at age 15, then you will go back to 15. But I doubt that very much. At age 15, your body was still going through biochemical change I bet.

Let me know what happens and good luck.

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