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Mr. Chiu, I've long been a supporter of people like Nikola Tesla and his ideas of free energy and magnetism along with other things, I have also studied various Chinese philosophy's and ideas based of chi flow, dragon lines and the various other ideas placed within the cultural mindset.

My questions to you are as follows, I am 18 years old and have various stretch marks from working out and other such things, I also have acne problems along by back and I am wondering if this ring will heal those problems and allow my body to appear as perfect as it was before these problems started?

Also, if I wear your immortality rings, my age will never change and I will live forever as long as I wear the rings constantly for eight hours everyday, does this mean that if I miss a day or if I need to replace the magnents or what not that my aging will begin irreversibly?

Third, will these rings keep me from getting ill? Living forever is a little worthless if one can be killed by the flu or some other virus, since there are certain maladies that effect the human body and destroy's it at a cellular level, so simply not aging might not be a good enough claim for immortality.

Thank you for your time,
Daniel Guyton

Answer: First, being 18, you shouldn't worry too much about your youth. Relax and have fun with your life. Don't be too overly concern about getting old. You must have at least 10 more good years ahead of you. Of course this is just a general idea, some people DO age prematurely.

As far as the effects of my invention, check out other posts and my answers to them. Use search function to locate your questions or answers.

But, let me breifly mention here that NO you will not all of sudden get old if you stop using the rings for a day or two.

Remember, aging takes a little by little each and every moment of our lives. Immortality Rings and Footbraces will help your body to repair and regenerate these aging related damages little by little. So if you don't wear the rings and footbraces one night, you will age that one day!

Conversely, using the rings and footbraces one night will make you that much younger, meaning that you will have saved one day of aging. This is how anti-aging part of the devices will work.

Wearing them longer will cause eventual reverse-aging process to take place. This means that your body will not only SAVE one day's worth of aging, it will go a bit more than that. So you will slowly reverse the aging process.

For your last question. You are right. When people - including myself - talk about the word Immortality, we use it in many different ways.

When I say Immortality in context of my invention, I'm talking about stopping and reversing the aging process. I am NOT talking about that you are guaranteed that you will NEVER die! After all, perfectly healthy young boys and girls, such as yourself, get KILLED all the time, right?

If you for example, get shot by a 44 magnum right between your eyes, you will still die, right?

Same with other germ caused diseases and stuff. Young people die of some freak disease such as Ebola or something like that.

Yes, even perfectly healthy and YOUNG body can succomb to an early death, and I'm NOT saying that wearing my rings and footbraces will make people SUPER HUMAN! However, I AM saying that my devices will have effect on human AGING!

So, try to understand what I'm saying here, and don't put words in my mouth. I think most people understand this principle pretty clearly.

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