I'm Building My Own Rings and Footbraces, Can You Help?


Posted by Alan Franz on May 04, 19100 at 08:56:01:

Posted by Alan Franz on May 04, 19100 at 01:51:38:

I have located some sites that sell neodymium in disc and rod shapes. Which one would be best? Also the sizes vary in width--3/32", .38", .25", .5". I am sticking to 1/2" in diameter because the rings should not overlap or protrude past the fingers, thus, interfering with each other. I wonder if I should stick 3-4 small magnets together or just use a big one per side? Which width do you recommend? I know your website mention .25", but could greater thickness increase the magnetic flux more(like .5")? Any suggestions as to the thickest possible magnet with greatest power?

Neodymium comes in many grades. What grade is the one you are using? I have searched for 21,000 gauss NDFb but have only found 14,100 gauss. Where did you get such a high gauss? Can you send me the black plastic holders that (or can hold)encase the NdFb rings? Or what is a way to build the structure to hold the strong NdFb in its place?

Do you think making neodymium foor braces in the same size(4"X1"X1/2" width) as your original ft. braces is dangerous? Should I decrease the width to prevent exorbitant chi flow? And do the foot straps require a stronger metal brace to keep the magnets in place?

Answer: Whenever people ask specific questions about their "homemade" rings and footbraces, I must decline to APPROVE or DISPROVE. The reason is simple, I can't and don't know exactly how the magnets are aligned and what shape and polarity each magnet posesses. Furthermore, there's no way for me to tell whether the polarity is accurately set.

So, I have to tell you the same thing I tell everyone who wants to build their own - TEST!

Get your magnets together and use them in different combinations until you find the ones that give you the desired benefits.

As far as the strength of the magnets are concerend, yes, there are variances among Neodymium too. Try and you too will find stronger magnets.

I suggest you test with regular magnets and get the pole configuration correctly before moving up to the Neodymiums, especially Neodymium for footbraces, for safety reasons.

Good luck and let us know how your search turns out.

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