Do Your Rings Really Work? Placebo Effect?


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I think that the only reason people gain health from the rings is because they think they should gain it. The rings themselves do not help. For example, when someone visualizes breaking a board (in karate), they can only break the board because they visualize it. I belive, all your rings do is help people visualize getting healthier. Can you prove my theory wrong?

Answer: For the last time - which I doubt very much - I would like to say this. You DON'T have to believe in ANYTHING for my invention to work. Period. End of paragraph!

There's nothing the user has to do or think or believe for the devices to do what they are supposed to do!

Let me ask you a question. Do you have to believe in GRAVITY for it to have effects on you?

Why then do you ask whether the magnetic polarity caused flux located in strategic location on body will have effects on you?

There's no way to PROVE anything if one has decided to believe otherwise.

As matter of fact, there are people who really believe out there that the Haulocaust (spell?) was just Jewish propaganda to ban Nazism! Do you need a proof to see one way or another in this matter too?

Listen, the only way anyone will ever know truth is to have an open mind and TRY the idea. See if it works or not for yourself!

What are you so afraid of try it? Huh? If you are seriously searching for truth, you owe it to yourself to give them an honest try.

P.S. Yes, I do have an idea about the Karate style board breaking and belief. Almost everyone who is physically healthy CAN break boards Karate style. So all one has to do to actually break the board is to BELIEVE he can. You are absolutely right about this. But having your ages wiped out is not simply done by believing. Your example is in flaw.

Can you fly like the Superman in comic strips by mearly BELIEVING you can? I didn't think so. But you sure can fly in an airplane, couldn't you? Even if you are 100% certain that steel contraption weighting several hundred tons can't fly!

I hope you find what you really looking for, and many times it starts from within you.

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