De-toxifying the Blood?


Posted by Michael Bannister on May 12, 19100 at 07:19:06:

Posted by michael bannister on May 11, 19100 at 12:19:00:

my only question has to do with the usual state of most peoples blood. many people have discovered that to heal and get well from disease one must de-toxify the bloodstream first.(i.e., Ann Wigmore, Hippocrates etc.)
my question is: if your devices speed up the circulation and blood system, isn't it important that the blood itself is pure and not contaminated?? why don't people get sick from toxic blood being speeded up throughout the system?????? thank you.

Answer: Good question. Immortality Devices work not only to accelearate the FLOW of the blood, but to accelerate the purifying process of the blood by pumping more oxygen and other "Cleaning" agents into the blood. This explains why the open wounds are being reported as healing.

You are absolutely right about the fact that most people's blood being filled with toxins. Who can we blame? We defile our body - not only the blood, either! - with all the junk food that we pile in along with growth hormone in our meat. Not to mention, all the insecticides and other poisons!

You should check out the RELATED PRODUCTS section about the effects of toxins in body. We will post some of relavent points on that page from time to time.

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