Different Ring Pattern for Female?


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Hi Alex,

I recently bought your eternal rings and
footbraces for my parents.
My father asked whether females should
wear the rings in opposite pattern as
the males i.e. to have + facing up on the
left hand and + facing down on the right hand.

As you may know, according to chinese medicine
in a male's body chi flows from the right to
the left (in some sense that I don't exactly
know), while in a female's body chi flows in
the opposite direction.

So, I'm just wondering if my mother should
wear the rings in the way I described as above,
opposite to how a male wears the rings.

Thanks in advance for your reply.


Answer: Based on my research and countless others' experience, there is NO difference between man and woman. However, you are welcome to test this out too.

As matter of fact, we have found out that AS LONG AS you keep the polarity the SAME direction on both the hand and the feet, you are ok. What I mean is that: if you wear + UP on your right hand, you should also wear + UP on your right foot while wearing + DOWN on your left hand and left foot. But. . .

You can also wear + DOWN on right hand and feet while wearing + UP on left hand and feet. As long as there is this polarity difference between the left and right side of the body it should work ok.

But you do have an interesting point so I will ask you to test for the different pattern for female. Until now, we didn't notice anything significant, but you could make the products work more effectively, I guess. . .

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