My Fine Lines Are Disappearing and Question About Keloid Scar


Posted by Jane on May 15, 19100 at 17:37:01:

Posted by Jane on May 15, 19100 at 13:22:12:

Dear Alex,

Thank you for your prompt delivery. I have received your foot braces today. The foot brace is too big for me and I feel very uncomfortable catching the strap. Can I slide my big toe into the brace instead of catching the strap with my big toe? Would it make any difference in performance, if I slide all my toes into the brace then leaving my big toe out of the brace?
Oh, one more thing. I would like to keep you up date my progress of wearing the Neodymium Rings. Today is the third month I have worn your rings. Remember I wrote earlier about not noticing any changes in me, but I do come across my friends commented that I look better but just can't really put their 'finger' on my change? Good news. Finally after 3 months I could see my fine lines are less noticeable when I smile.
Alex, I have scanned a picture of my keloid scar on my left arm. (It was taken one month after I wore only my Neodymium Rings) So far, it has not shown any improvement. Now that I have both my ring and foot braces, I will scan it again in three months time or longer to see the results. It would be my pleasure to email you my before and after pictures if there are any changes. I got my scar since I was 12 years old. As you know, keloid scars are not like any other scars. The normal scars would not grow, keloid scars would grow bigger and uglier each year. It just canít stop growing. Now Iím 33 years old, my scar is about 5.3cm long and still growing . Sounds scary eh? : ) You did tell me your products would heal scars. Does that include keloid scars?

Thank you.


Answer: Patience pays off. Congratulations on "seeing" differences on your face. As far as keloid scar is concerened, I would recommend that you check out the "Related Product" page of my site for additional products that I HIGHLY recommend.

Because it's not our product, I'm not at liberty to discuss about it, but I have a very reliable source that tells me that your scar problem can be healed faster with this additional product.

Of course my invention will only AID your entire body in the direction of healing by restoring the lost balance on your Chi flow but sometimes you need a little help.

It's like a young body getting hit by influenza virus or something like that. My invention cannot replace medicine. It's a health device and works on your cellular level but if you have a medical problem, I recommend you take all the necessary step as you can.

Again, I highly recommend that you check out the "Related Products" page on the site for more information. I know that you will find the solution because you are the type of person who is willing to test the products instead of making a blind judgement BEFORE testing them out.

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