Magnetic Back Pain Relief and the Rings


Posted by Don on May 19, 19100 at 19:20:24:

Posted by Don on May 17, 19100 at 21:12:37:

In the past I have found that placing flexable rubber magnets over painful areasm on my back brought relief.

Given that the rings and foot braces are worn according to your directions, With regard to polarity, how should other magnets be arranged on my back?


Answer: I recommend that you stop using the back pads while you are sleeping (while you are wearing the rings and footbraces) You will not need the back pads any longer! The accelerated Chi and blood flow will bring so much new life energy to your damaged area (back), that you will feel rejuvenated and refresh.

Most magnetic products work only very small percentage of their potential because of the lack of polarity! My invention is 100 times better than any magnetic products out there because of this simple reason.

It's like comparing between an one legged man and two legged man! Sure one leg is better than no leg, but the legs on human body was meant to be used in pairs, just like magnets.

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