Diabetes for over 20 years, Will your rings work?


Posted by Deborah Foo on May 19, 19100 at 19:26:43:

Posted by Deborah Foo on May 19, 19100 at 09:37:18:

Hi, my mum has had diabetes for 20+ yrs now, and recently the doc said that her kidney is not doing so good. I've also noticed that her feet has turned a dark color with big toe (it seems to look like it has turned grey under the nail). Is it safe to use the rings & foot braces?

Answer: They will DEFINITELY help! If I were you, I will absolutely try them. We can't say something will work in terms of medical claim, so take my advice as what it's worth. But, my device is an excellent health device. Your mom's health can vastly improve with better flow of Chi and blood which my invention is designed to do.

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