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I was once told, and I once read in a magazine, that Telomerase was what caused the aging process. I don't have a lot of information, but I think it went something like this:
Each time a cell devides, a little of the telomerase is decreased. After many years, after people start aging (70-80yrs.), the cells are unable to divide and produce more cells, because there is no more telemorase. And that's when health problems begin to set in. Is this right? Can your magnets prevent this from happening? I've read that if scientists are able to keep the telemorase from decreasing, it would be like finding the fountain of youth, and humans could live hundreds of years longer. Please tell me your views on this. Thank you.

Katie Harrison

Answer: Why do you think telemorase come into playing around 70-80 years old people not 7 or 8 year old or even 27 - 28 year olds?

Listen, scientists - including yours truly - do NOT know EVERYTHING! By definition, science is a discpline that requires a completely open mind to try different theories until one finds what he is looking for. After he has some reason to believe that he has an interesting working model - a theory - he then tries to disprove the very same theory that he came up with.

The longer and harder it takes the theory to be disproved, the more sound the theory is. But it NEVER becomes TRUTH! We call these theories that have stood the test of time as LAWS of nature.

However, even these laws have a funny way of changing with more and more detailed tests and analysis.

What I am saying is this. My device is open for any and all tests and empirical trials for disapproval - just like any other discoveries humans made.

However, don't just blindly BELIEVE things anyone tells you - yes, that MUST include me also. The best thing to do is test them out for yourself.

Reason it out!

With all the commotion about the telomerase, I have this to question. Why won't the telomerase in younger cells do not get shorter? What triggers the telomerase to get shorter in old ages?

Seems to me this is a question of Chicken vs. Egg. Which one came first? Is telomerase getting shorter because of aging or is aging causing the telomerase to get shorter?

We simply don't know yet. Unlike other people who blindly follow what everyone else says, I'm willing to ask fundamental questions and willing to test it out myself. You should do the same.

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