North Pole Only?


Posted by Dolci on May 29, 19100 at 16:30:20:

Posted by dolci on May 28, 19100 at 02:59:18:

Alex:It has been recommended that I apply only north pole magnets to my body to avoid stimulation of abnormal cells in specific area prone to epitheial lining inflammation. Will your rings be beneficial in such a case? thank you for your reply.

Answer: Who told you that you should only have North pole on your body? Immortality Rings work by boosting your metabolism and immune system. The exact thing you need to fight the inflammation! And in order to do this, you need both poles on your body. Since I have no idea regarding your condition, the best bet for you is to test the rings and footbraces. We have a testimonial from a person (check this board) who had similar situation; inflammation. Good luck.

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