Emphysema and the Rings and Footbraces.


Posted by Craig Matthews on May 29, 19100 at 16:34:13:

Posted by Craig Matthews on May 28, 19100 at 18:27:10:

Dear sir,
My wife has cronic emphysema apparently there is a third of her lung that is working properly. Maggie is bedriddin 90% of the time and walking only a few yards is hard on her lungs. Maggie is a few stone over whieght could your rings and foot magnets help my wife age 54years.
thank you for your help. love this stuff and plan to tell eveyone.

Answer: How did she become sick like that? Was it some type of infection or caused by life habit - such as cigarette smoking etc.?

If you have read the website and all its testimonials, you should know that the Immortality Device cannot hurt person's health. It can only help them. As far as curing Maggie's emphysema, I cannot say one way or another. Please remember that the Immortality Devices are NOT medical devices but HEALTH device.

So, I would recommend that you give a try and test the products on her. You have nothing to lose.

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