Footbrace Magnet Sizes.


Posted by Craig Matthews on May 29, 19100 at 16:37:49:

Posted by Craig Matthews on May 29, 19100 at 01:56:20:

Dear Sir,
I am from New Zealand and I have been trying to buy the 2x1xhalf inch magnets. One place sells rare earth magnets sizes 64mmx19mmx5mm could these magnets be used for the foot braces the lenght works out to be 5 inches long would they be alright to use. Would the 5mm thick be allright as well.......Another place said they have 40mmx19x12inches thick for each magnet joining them also together would work out to be 80mm in total lenght would these also work for the foot braces. also for the rare earth rings Ican find magnets 12mm diamiter x 5mm thick would these be alright to use for the rings. thank you
Craig Matthews

Answer: The magnets for the footbraces should be long enough to cover ALL 5 toes on your foot. When you build the footbraces properly, you should be able to feel the "pumping" sensation when you put your footbraces on for the very first time. Although this is not the 100% proof that the footbraces are made properly (because some people don't really feel anything noticeable the first time they put them on!), it should give you some guidelines to how to make it better.

Bottom line: Test the magnets out with different configurations.

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