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Okay, so I've seen that there are two postings on this subject already.
I currently use the magnetic pads one can buy in stores for my arthritis. I have the kind that flares up in the hot seasons, and calms down in cooler climates.
I'm not getting a whole lot of relief from the pads. A little. My medications upset the stomach, and if I take them all the time I am hurting, I've been told I'll probably develope ulcers.
Has anyone had any experience with the rings and this type of arthritis?
(Note: Arthritis is a catagory disease. There are many subcatagories for it.)

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Answer: We have many testimonials not included on this website - they will be added pretty soon in June! - that states specifically that arthritis condition has improved dramatically with the usage of rings and footbraces. As you already mentioned, arthritis can be categorized in many different cases. However, one common thing is the poor circulation of fresh blood. This lack of proper circulation worsens most arthritis.

I can also think of another product that has shown much effectiveness on this condition. Check out the related products page on this site for the Southern Rose Cream and Lotion. Although that cream and lotion is applied on skin, it has shown remarkable effectiveness in relieving other problems.

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