How Long Should I Wear Rings Each Day? (Night)


Posted by Travis F. on June 01, 19100 at 13:03:39:

Posted by Travis on June 01, 19100 at 06:39:51:

Dear Alex,
Firstly I'd like to congratulate for your excellent site and bringing the world eternal life. Just a couple of questions:
1) would using the Eternal LIfe Device over a period of several months, for 6-7 hours per night, produce similar results to using it 8 hours? does the extra hour make all that much difference? how about 10 hours?
2) say someone gets up several times during the night(eg to go to the toilet), would this reduce the device effectiveness? does the device have to be worn for 8 hours non-stop for positive results or are breaks not a problem?
Best wishes
Travis F.

Answer: A good rule of thumb is to remember that the MORE you wear the BETTER it will be. As far as interruptions are concerened, they don't really affect much. It's the TOTAL hours of usage during each day(night) that counts.

If you can't put single straight 8 hours, you can do it in portions. And 6 - 7 hours is better than 5 - 6 hours and so forth.

Try to wear them as long as you can.

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