How Long Can I Live?


Posted by Don on June 07, 19100 at 14:05:38:

Posted by Don on June 02, 19100 at 21:14:35:

o.k. your ad says eternal live ?? Well i am a very sceptical person and what i want to know is how long would you expect a person if started to where your rings at the age of 21 to live??? how exactly would i feel, i don't smoke ,I drink at least twice a week, and i eat very well and exercise at least three times a week i just want to know how these rings will improve my live????????

Answer: You will be young as long as you live. I have NO idea how long you will live - you can get shot by someone or get run over by a Mack truck for all I know. The question here is NOT about getting a guarantee of eternal life but having immortal life. I did mention the difference in someone else's question.

I can't believe some people can't distingush the difference between staying YOUNG as long as you live - so you can live FOREVER as long as you don't get killed! - and being God-like immortal. Funny.

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