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Posted by Derrick on June 07, 19100 at 14:08:28:

Posted by Derrick on June 04, 19100 at 01:12:53:

Hey yo man! I love your rings. A friend of mine got them for me on my b-day a few months ago and I've been bustin' some d-rhymes for the longest time since man!

I'm just wonderin' if there be any way to more lyrical rythmes from the rings them-salves brotha. Listen, I'm close to a record deal and I need my words to be dope. You dig? So, any way to get the ring works flowin' at a faster pace or somethin'? That way I could be ringin' out someoftha bestest b-boy lg's of my life.

Peace out.


Answer: Peace man! I don't get what you said, but sure sounds great.

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