How To Wear Footbraces and How Long Does It Take To Reverse Age?


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Dear Alex,
Are the foot braces taped in black -, and silver are +? I am wearing Ė UP on my left hand and black tape facing up on my left foot. + UP on my right hand and silver tape facing up on my right foot. Am I wearing it correctly?

I am wearing your footbraces and ring at the same time, but I donít feel any tinkling sensation. Is that normal? I understand with the footbraces and ring it would be very powerful and that I should at least feel something. Or could it be possible that my blood circulation is bad and that it takes time for the magnet to flux better in order to feel tinkling sensation?

One more question, how long it takes for a 33 to go back to 27 by wearing rings and footbraces?

Thank you.


Answer: Black is - and Silver is + When in doubt, check with your Rings. See which way they attract and repel.

For 33 yr old person, it should take at least 5 years to go back to 27. Remember, you age DAILY so anti-aging must also take place DAILY. You are basically getting a day young each day, instead of getting day older. Of course there can be differences based on each body. Some may reverse age faster while some slower.

Another thing. You don't have to feel any tingling sensation. Pretty soon, you will be able to SEE the reverse aging process as your fine lines in face begin to disappear and your hair is more vibrant and things like that. Not everybody reports the tingling sensation.

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