Breathing and Chi Kung


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I made some rings over a year ago. I noticed the effect
they had but was looking for more. Here it is. The
rings are great!

Recently I have been experimenting with breathing and
becoming aware of my own magnetic field. Try this.

Face the palms of your hands togethor. Notice with
experimentation you can alter your magnetic field.
Like playing with magnets except you can change
the polarity at will. Its not just limited to your
hands though. Your whole body is a big magnet except
you change variables at will.

With awareness of your body you can have the same
healing. Qigong! I stutied different texts and they
all seem to complicated with too many rules. The rules
caused much confussion and just accepting the rules
makes them so. I simply found that to let go of all
you have learned and breath is true Qiqong! Be aware
of your whole.

I am going to experiment with the magnets again
combined with my natural technique. All should try
this without the rings. Human potential is limited by

really I could have said all this in a simple phrase

.-^ forget all you know and breath ^-.

Answer: Yup! Breathing is very important. However, my devices take care that for you mechanically, so you don't have to think about it. But hey, if you want to breath properly it will ONLY help!

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