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I would like to start off by saying that I signed up for your web click program back in December because I had injured my knee and needed surgery. I thought, what the hey, They might help with the recovery after the surgery, and they did! I had earned the rings (they are the regular rings) by april, the first week I started wearing them though, I had sharp pains in the knee, but that went away and i was feelin' great for about a month.

While playing tenis, I had a slight reinjury that resulted in major swelling in the knee, it got to about 3 the normal size in the patella area, I stopped wearing the rings, and the swelling started going down. Then in a week I started wearing them again and up went the swelling, I stopped wearing them and it went back down to normal, Then for a third time i tried to wear you rings (last week) and the swelling seems to be going back up! So... I would assume that it is safe to say that the rings are causing the swelling. When i wear the rings i feel mentally clear and energized the only thing wrong is my knee. My theory is that the increase of blood flow has something to do with it.

I would like your opinion on what to do.

Answer: Hmmm.. it sounds like your knee might still have something wrong with it like micro fracture or something like that. I can't tell anything else other than what you just told me, but if I were you, I will get that knee examined VERY thoroughly by a specialist. (Someone who specializes in sports medicine or something like that) Rings should NOT cause swelling unless there is some inherent problems.

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