Am I Doing This Right?


Posted by Keith McNulty on June 07, 19100 at 14:25:31:

Posted by Keith McNulty on June 05, 19100 at 20:15:05:

Dear Alex I recived your rings on the 15 April 2000
I have not yet began to experience any changes in health or fitness or old scars healing

I have many scars from operations as a child chest scars mainly I also have scholiosis & animia so am constantly tired I have had your rings on every night
for 8 hrs and also sometimes during the day for two months yet nothing is happening maybye they only work with certain people or types of metabolisom.

just incase I may have them on wrong

Left hand cross inside palm on small finger

Right hand cross on outside of small finger

Is this right maybye thats why it has no effect.

Please explain what could be wrong I am 25 yrs old by the way

Answer: You might need footbraces to accelearte your process. For scars, you might want to try the Southern Rose Cream explained in my website at Related Products.

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