Why Not Wear The Rings During Pregnancy?


Posted by Carmela Yerkes on June 07, 19100 at 14:33:14:

Posted by Carmela Yerkes on June 06, 19100 at 19:22:01:

Why not wear rings while pregnant? Does it harm the fetus? I've been wearing them for a year and,I might want ot get pregnant and would like to avoid not wearing them for 9 months. Can you give me some feedback on this. If the rings are good for my body, wouldn't they also benefit the fetus one carries while worn? If not, why? I'm very curious about this. Is it because it's never been experimented on a pregnant person yet?
Thank you for your response.

Answer: Yup!! You got the answer. I don't recommend wearing Rings and/or Footbraces for pregnant women simply because there is no data for it. Hey! I can't experiment for that!

Seriously though, not wearing rings for 9 months is not the end of world Carmela. You should be ok. But. . .

If you want to experiment, what can I say? I subjected my own body to un-lock the secret of polarized magnetc flux for Chi flow, right?

Anything for the sake of truth, right? Use your common sense and always be defensive and careful.

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