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Posted by Jonathan on June 17, 19100 at 14:36:38:

Posted by Jonathan on June 08, 19100 at 03:12:09:

i got what derrick was saying, so yes derrick, if you want to busting better rhymes man you can get the foot braces as well, and wear them properly because if the rings are helping you be sharp and fast, then the foot braces will help a whole lot more, since they are stronger. theyll increase more blood flow to your brain and make you put out better faster rhymes cause youll be sharper mentally, and good luck with your record contract. using the magnets you have an edge over everyone else. if you cant get the footbraces then all i can advise is to keep wearing the rings as much as you think you need them. and to alexander about sharing the rings, i dont think it matter who uses them, in my experience me, my father, and my grandparents have used them and it worked for all, now im back to using them regularly and they still work. as far as i know, as long as someone is wearing them, they are doing them good. but again all this is just what i think...just trying to help you out alex.

Note: Thanks Jonathan. Everyone else should be more vocal about their postive experiences with the device. I know it will take some time, but everyone will soon see the truth.

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