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I have not yet ordered the device, but plan to try it out soon. I'm just curious about one thing. On your website it says that for each day wearing the rings, a person gets one day younger. I understand that this is only an estimate, but I wonder if you have an estimate for the rate of regeneration from wearing the footbraces which are said to be faster. I have some pain in my knees and would like to clear it up as soon as possible. I also had arthroscopic surgery on one knee and would be willing to try the magnetic coil/handicap cure device for that.

In addition, if the device works well for me, I will get one with instructions in Chinese for my martial arts teacher. He is 66 and in wonderful health from 40+ years of martial arts/chi kung practice. But since he is not a young man, there is no telling how much longer we will have him with us. He is without a doubt the best teacher I could imagine having and would love for him to live and teach forever. His chi power is unbelievable; you've never met a little old man as strong as this. I have been studying Hsing-I Chuan (sometimes spelled: xingyichuan)with him for 5 years. My chi power has grown and I have become one of the most powerful in my school, but compared to him my power is like a drop in a bucket. My teacher is from Taiwan. Do you speak Mandarin or Cantonese?

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Answer: Since every body is different, there is no way for me to tell exactly how fast the rate of regeneration is or will be for a person. So it's more subjective rating. However, most people who have tried the rings WITHOUT footbraces and later on tried them both say that the footbraces combo works MUCH stronger than just the rings. I speak Mandarin.

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