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Posted by Rodney on August 17, 19100 at 04:20:40:

Two questions.

1. I recently got your new foot braces and you say the braces should cover the 4 toes except for the big toe. My question is I have a small little toe on both of my feet and the braces only cover a little bit of it. Will it still be as affective since it only covers it a little bit.
Also are the footbraces suppose to fit tight on the foot or can they be a little loose not touching my toes and still be as effective.

2. Will the footbraces and Rings help the immune system like in the winter time were colds and flu are common. If so how will they help ? Will we recover from flu faster or not get it at all?


answer: The magnets must cover all toes. If it only covers a little bit of small toe, it's not good enough. Adjust the brace so that it covers all toes. Move the magnets a little toward outside.

About immune system. You will feel a difference. It does help fight fever and cold.

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