Neodymium Foot Braces availability


Posted by Alan on August 22, 19100 at 06:28:36:

Could you post this new product in your order section. You mentioned it was finalized in an earlier bulletin response but for the costumer's benefit it would be wise to make it official. After all, fact is stronger than speculation. One would not want dubious replies. Besides, are enough ndfb braces available? What type of health effects did you notice with ndfb rings plus braces used in conjunction? 12x more powerful than regular? Hard to fall asleep? more comfortable? Will you ever develop braces or rings stronger than neodymium? I know currently it is the strongest but it may not be final.

We do have Neodymium Foot Braces now. You can order it by giving me a call 415 585 3825. The price is $200 a pair shipping included. Neodymium Rings not included. The neodymium foot braces of course are stronger than regular foot braces. But it might be too powerful for some folks that they will have hard time falling asleep. So far neodymium magnets are the strongest we have.

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