How do bipolar magnets differ from your mangets?


Posted by Kim on September 10, 19100 at 12:10:16:

hi, i went to a drug store and bought magnetic wrap that goes around my back. this wrap made by a company named Homedics, contains 15 magnets that are said to be "bipolar magnets". This company claims that these bipolar magnets' alternating wave-form give "greater coverage and deeper penetration." I m not sure what bipolar magnets mean. but i guess that with bipolar, both plus and minus are on each sides and so they provide alternating wave.
My question to you is about these bipolar magnets. are they really better or worse? if they are better, why aren't you using them? thanx.


Answer: Bipolar magnets are magnets with both north and south. My magnets are bipolar magnets. All natural magnets are bipolar. Don't listen to those companys. They just tell you whole bunch nice sounding absolute bullshit to earn your money. You got to see some proof. I got proof and testimonials. Testimonials are the stuff which make Alex Chiu famous and strong.

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