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Posted by Ohana on September 30, 19100 at 08:43:21:

Dear Alex, I see that you don't approve of magnetic mattresses but I really love my Nikken mattres,, However, I would like to try the rings too. The foot braces don't look like I could walk around on them. Is that correct? So would it work if I sleep on my Nikken but wear the rings by day? Thanks. Ohana.
ANSWER; You should not wear the rings or foot during the day because during the day, your body focus on the movement of your body. Another word, your energy goes to the muscles during the day. Your body does not heal or repair itself so much during the day. During sleep, your body does not move but stays still. So your body has the time to focus on repair and healing. My device enhances the healing of your body. So it's better to wear them during sleep when the body reheals itself. The device won't work so well or just won't work at all during day time. You still can use the mattress with the device during sleep.

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