Having same prob as R. Coor! Rings are a blessing though!


Posted by Paul Scorp on October 23, 19100 at 00:16:42:

Hi Alex, i have a quwstion that has already been asked, but i think you didn't really understand. On 4-12-00 a guy named Rick Coor asked how to get the poles right on the foot braces. He said that they were repeling from each other. I think what her was saying, and the same problem i'm having is that when you place two 1x2 in. magnets together on top and on bottom of the foot brace, the two on the same side repell. When i put them together the only way which makes top & bottom stick the way it should, it makes me feel sick. Which means the poles are wrong. It seems that the only is to have only one long magnet which is 1x4. Please help! Very pleased w/rings though!!
ANSWER: I can sell you some magnets. I have neodymium bars 4" X 1/2" X 2mm. 21,000 gauss. $80 for 4 bars. Want them? Or regular magnets 4" X 1/2" X 1/4" thick. Not so heavy. Quite comfortable. $40 for 4 bars. Want it?
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