Fibromyalgia released after only few days. More tired after waking up, why is that?


Posted by Monica Gertsson on October 29, 19100 at 23:38:37:

This is incredible
Or it is a coincidence. But only after 3 days of wearing the rings did my fibromyalgia pain disapear. I doīnīt know yet if it is for good or temporary. But everybody who know how it is will understand the relief.
But I am extremely tired, I sleep deeper, but am more tired when I wake up. Why is that?
I am also in a constant meditative state, which I donīt mind. I use to meditate a lot. Less thoughts.
Thank you Alex. I have just ordered footbraces too. Will see then.
ANSWER: The reason why you want to sleep more because more healing is taking place. Older people don't require lots of sleep. A baby sleeps the entire day? Why the younger you are, the more you sleep? Because younger people's healing is still active. An older person's healing power is almost empty thus they age faster and die. If you require more sleep, it means you are getting physically younger.

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