Time limit per day? Do I speed up the effect by doing Qi-Gong and using the rings? Belt?


Posted by Monica Gertsson on October 31, 19100 at 15:41:03:

I am 53 years old and like to speed up my effects.
What is the timelimit to use the rings? Do I speed up the effect by doing Qi-Gong while using the rings?
Donīt we have a meredian cross by solar plexus and would a magnetic belt speed up loosing weight?
My daughter ask if she uses the rings, will she concentrate better during tests in school?
ANSWER; You cannot speed up the effect by doing Qi Gong. That stuff doesn't work for most folks. It would only work if you reach a level that you can break bricks with your fingers. So don't count on it. I am working on electromagnetic device that would be 1000 times stronger than the rings. That stuff can cure handicaps in a few months. Only working model of this new machine is in hand. Im still working on the commercial model. The rings might help your daughter concentrate in school work.

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