when rings not in use can they be kept together or seperate?


Posted by wondering on November 05, 19100 at 03:02:41:

i mean does it make a difference if you rings are together all day when your not using them, does it decrese the power or anything?
should they be kept seperate?

and i was also wondering

when you wear the rings when you are sleeping, does it make a difference if your hands are in a fist or flat and relaxed? it felt like it might have on me i dont know though, when i had my hands straight and relaxed i felt more bloodflow or i thought i did than when i had my hands in a fist.
please help me out
thank you
ANSWER: I don't think it matters if the rings are together or separated when not in use. You are right about having hands straight or fisted. I fell the same things that you felt. But I have no answer to that question. Do the experiment yourself.

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