Will immortality rings help me regain my virility?


Posted by Nick C on November 07, 19100 at 15:45:39:

Now, I must ask you not to laugh, as this is a serious
question. I've been wracked with syphillis for the past
few years after an ill-fated furlough in Hong Kong, and
have recently been rendered impotent after losing 75% of
my left testicle to rot. Will immortality rings help the
afflicted area to regenerate, and will they restore my
ability to watch pornography? I've tried everything! HELP~!
Well I have lots of customers saying that the rings help regain sexual abilities. I actually had a fellow who called me saying that it cured his sexual transmitted disease. After continuous usage of the rings, the rash disappeared. You can try the rings. At least it would only help and not hurt you.

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