Tiredness when using the rings but now when using the footbraces, WHY?


Posted by Monica Gertsson on November 09, 19100 at 02:33:05:

I sold 10 of the rings and 8 of us get very tired úsing the rings. But when I use the footbraces I feel much better. Why is that effect? And how would I know if I use them too much
I also get more pain now, it eased up first but have gone worst after one week, how come?
But I love the meditative state the devices give.
A baby sleeps a lot more than an old man. The reason is a baby's body is constantly healing and growing. A person grows or reheals during sleep. That's why a younger person needs more sleep than older person. That's why when you wear the rings, you need more sleep. Because you are getting physically younger. Probably you don't wear the foot braces all day long but you do put the rings on all day long. that's why you think wearing the rings makes you sleepy. Actually they are the same.

You feel more pain because now you have more magnetic flux in your body. Magnetic flux leaks at damaged area. The leakage creates the pain. When you wear my devices, your body will experience more pain because there is more healing. Remember! No pain, no healing.

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