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Posted by Joe Harrington on November 29, 19100 at 13:17:01:

Hi Alex,

My wife has a 6v/12v DC magnetic device that she got back in 1980. She never really used it and she has no instructions for it. Here is what is basically is:

A 6/12V DC charger, with a 12" coil of approx #14 copper wire, two windings, one connected to the neg term and one connected to the positive term of the battery charger. The output on the 6v setting is approx 1.5 amps, and 2.5 amps on the 12 volt setting.

My question is how should one use such a device? I was diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer 8 months ago and the doctor told my wife I had 1 week to 6 months to live. After using your rings, overall, my condition has slowly but steadily improved and I'm optimistic about the future.

I have a rather LARGE scar, about 25-30 inches across my abdomenal area, above the pancreas where they did the FIRST incision. Within 24 hours of the first surgery, I started internal bleeding and they had to make a SECOND incision to explore and correct the reason for the bleeding. So I have a very large scar which I believe greatly effects the meridians and the flow of energy. Also, they had to do a THIRD surgery to install what is called a "Denver Shunt". This is basically a small pump with tubing that is inserted under the skin. The pump is kind of like a siphon pump one uses to siphon gas out of a gas tank. In my case it was the lymphatic fluid that was sitting in my lower abdomen and not getting back into my system. So the pump takes the lymphatic fluid and passes it thru the tube up to my aorta and allows it to be recirculated. Without the pump, I would become severely distended. I understand you can make NO claims for medical cures etc., I understand this and the reason for it, and I reserve my right to make that judgement for myself. My question is:

How should I use such a device?

Would it be effective for repairing the scar field and the effects that is having on my meridian system?

What other benefits might it have?

What might be the effective power of this DC device, as compared to the ring or foot magnetic devices?

Thanks in advance,

ANSWER; Your device is only 6 to 12 volts. It's too weak. And by the way, DC won't work. You have to use AC in order for the scar repair to work. Make a AC coil that's 250 watts and 120 volts with a steel rod in the middle of the coil. That would work.

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