Irritable bowel and Polycystic ovarian disease-which rings to use?


Posted by Carolynn on December 06, 19100 at 03:24:15:

Dear Alex,
I am really intrigued by this invention and I'm hoping that your product might be able to help me. I have suffered from IBS for about 10 years and have just been recently diagnosed with PCOS. It is apretty complicated disease that affects the hormones with over production of testosterone. It can often lead to heart disease and diabetes. Symptoms are hirsutism, weight gain, acne, infertility,and irregular periods.
Iwas wondering, due to the severity of symptoms and possible long term effects which rings you would recommend. Have you had any experiences or responses from women with hormonal irregularities? I am only 32 and I feel like I'm 82! I would really appreciate any advice. Look forward to hearing from you!
Thank you for your time and interest, Carolynn
ANSWER. Try the Neodymium Rings. I cannot answer your question because I don't have any testimonial which matches your sympton.

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