I Received the Rings as PROMISED !


Posted by Andrew K.H.Tan on December 08, 19100 at 21:52:42:

At first I doubt if Alex Chiu would really send me the ring.
Because I'm from Penang Malaysia.
But once I had 44 unique clicks I register for 1 pair of classic ring (40 unique clicks).
Then the browser says we will get back to you or something like that.
And it didn't send me any email, I was dissapointed and I took down the banners from my site.
After 2 weeks (December 9) Yesterday, I received my rings and I was so happy ,
I tried it on for last night.
And I believed I is working because I woke up very refreshed (One night only).
And I will wear it for a full 30 days to see the effect.

I can fully vouch for ALEX CHIU that he will sent it anywhere in the world.

Tan Kheng Hin
Penang Malaysia
P.S I putting up the banner on a high priority view.

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