Acid reflex and heartburn and digestion problems.


Posted by Thomas on January 03, 19101 at 01:43:10:

Can the rings help heart burn, acid reflex? Can it heal the LES valve which is a valve that close off the stomach from acid. People who has really bad acid reflex and nasuea may have a weak LES valve that fails to close off acid can the rings make it strong again? Can it help the digestion system?
I was not born with a weak LES or acid reflex. So my body should get back to normal again, right?
Also I read the rings help asthma and allergies.
I order the rings a few days ago I hope it do not take long for the rings to come since I need them bad.
Do one need a compess to make one own magnet rings? Is there another way to till north and south of magnets?
ANSWER: I think the rings will help strengthen the LES valve. Many people, who I personally talked to on telephone, told me that they used to have upset stomach for eating certain foods. But after using the rings, their stomach problems disappeared. It would help if you go buy a compass to build your own rings.

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