distrofie or distrofy


Posted by Sabin on January 04, 19101 at 01:11:43:

I have the rings and footbraces now for a week,
and i already feel them working. Just today, i spoke
with a friend. She has a father who is diagnosed with
distrofie or distrofy(some kind of inflammation) and
has too go too the hospital in about 2 weeks.
Where his arm migth be amputated if it gets worse.
My question, if this man wears the rings and footbraces
in these two weeks as long as possible, can his illness
reduce so his arm does not have too be amputed. Can you
please answer my question as soon as possible, i would
be eternally thankfull for that,

Greetings Sabin
ANSWER: You better give the foot braces plus the rings to him. Time is running out. I believe his arm could be saved.

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