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Posted by Tom on January 04, 19101 at 01:18:21:

Hi, have you had any reports about the healing of severe burns? I have a severe burn in the middle of my forearm and would I need the regular or neodynmium to get it healed up? Also, if u dont mind me asking, when do you plan to mass market this, make it into scientific mainstream news, with FDA approval, etc which eventually has to come out to the entire world in full flaring publicity?
ANSWER: I think the $19 regular rings will do the trick for burns. I want to mass market this, but the problem is I cannot even say "Believed to stop aging" on TV, because TV channels will not allow this. Most people are close minded and won't believe it. I cannot get FDA approval because of 2 reasons:

1) Magnetic products don't need to be approved by FDA.

2) Even if I make a special request to the FDA for an approval, they want 20 million dollars for research and test in order to approve my product. It costs 20 million dollars!!!!

But I am trying my best to make people believe.

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