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Posted by Alan on January 07, 19101 at 18:46:13:

I may attempt constructing your electromagnetic health
device, following your guidelines. For age reversal,
where on the body should this type of device be
targeted, and for what length of time each day?
Thanks for your assistance.
ANSWER: The electromagnetic coil could be placed anywhere on the body where there is damage. For example, if someone cracked your skull with a bat, there is damage done to your head. Just place the coil near the head, and you will feel tremendous extra healing. Use it as much as you can during sleep. But since this device is so powerful, the extra energy might keep you awake. SInce this is a big device, you might have to lie down flat on your bed therefore causing discomfort. Just use it as long as you can each night until you are too tired with it.

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